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Kaverna Mortal Titulo

$ 2,80

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         Kaverna Mortal is a medieval adventure game in Point & Click style.
         Vitorian inherited many lands in the city of Vangof, but he will have much
   work to conquer them because the Orcs dominate the region. And to defeat them
   he will have to enter a place full of dangers and traps. Embark on this adventure
   solve mysteries and exterminate the creatures of darkness in a creative game
   made by a single person that brings back the excitement and fun of the classic games.
   Players: 1
   Platform: PC
   Production year: 2016
   Publishing year: 2017
   Language: English / Português - BR
   12 anosNot recommended for under 12 years. 
Kaverna Mortal screenshot1 Kaverna Mortal screenshot2 Kaverna Mortal screenshot3 Kaverna Mortal screenshot4

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System requeriments:

 Operational System: WindowsXP, Windows 7, Windows 10
 Minimum screen resolution: 1280 x 800 
 RAM: 128MB (of free space)
 HD: 50MB (of free space)
       Before buying a serial code to activate the full version, download the
 demo version to test if the game will run correctly on your computer.

Kaverna Mortal DEMO version

Due to the high demand of the servers we are using the Google Drive server solution. By clicking in the links below you will be downloading directly from Google servers.
Download: Kaverna Mortal Demo.exe File size: 14,0MB

Kaverna Mortal FULL version

Download : KavernaMortal.exe
File size: 40,1MB Observation: In Windows 10 and 7 install in C:\KavernaMortal to run correctly.
User manual: Manual Kaverna Mortal
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